The power of a personal network in high-tech..!

High-tech is almost synonymous with innovation. Innovations really become successful products or services, when they fulfill a real need or market demand (which sometimes can be a 'hidden demand'...look at tablet computers: nobody 'needed' them...until they became available! ). 'Golden rule' here: the sooner you involve potential customers, the better the fit: it's often best to start 'selling' your idea even before your final product exists! (Methods like Lean Startup can prevent spending time and money to create something that might just not be what your customer is looking for! )

Although a brand new technology might act as the real trigger for a disruptive innovation, it's crucial to also check market potential from the very first beginning. You'll only get a commercial success If the result is really what customers have been waiting for. Part of such success is also selecting the right product promotion strategy and finding sales channel partners to help you to effectively reach your target customers. In most cases it makes sense to have an international focus from the beginning. Visiting exhibitions and networking in relevant user groups are excellent methods to build up knowledge on new markets, together with on-line research. This takes valuable time and it's smart to find a specialist early on, who can help you to get things moving faster.

For a number of years I've been representing various customers in markets like micro-electronics (incl. (O)LED, power circuitry, software), nano-technology (imaging, materials, photonics) and bio-technology (microreaction, life-sciences, medical technology). A considerable part of my time I'm visiting leading international events and representing some of my customers in various user groups and forums all over the globe. With Techno-broker, I've built up a significant market knowledge and an up-to-date network. In many cases I can help you further by immediately connecting you to relevant people, both at suppliers and partners as well as at potential customers. Click here to see how I've helped others!

What can I do for you?

Help to promote and sell your technology

I can help you with market research, marketing communications and setting up your sales channels. Find strategic partners in R&D and industry in my extensive international network or represent you at international exhibitions or Brokerage Events. Click here for an overview of events which I will be visiting coming months.

Technology and partner search

Lots of institutes, industries and universities are offering their services to assist you with your developments. Everyone can help you (as they say themselves!)...but what is the best choice? Often it is smart to find partners that are similar in size (and definitely in focus!) as yourself. I can offer some independent advice and help you to make the best choice. Besides being a member of specific market- and application based user groups, I'm also in close contact with leading innovation networks, such as the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

Technology Trendwatcher and Speaker

Traveling over the world and visiting companies, universities, institutes and events, I'm staying up to date with the latest trends in technology. Regularly I'm asked to do lectures and presentations on subjects like the Eindhoven ecosystem, Lean Startup or innovative technologies.

Location and ecosystem advice

Sometimes it can be really beneficial to be part of an ecosystem. Let me help you to find a rep or to expand your activities and setup your own representation. I do have lots of very good contacts in preferred high-tech ecosystems within The Netherlands (such as Brainport, High Tech Campus Eindhoven.), but also in the rest of Europe and the US. As Mentor within the DBH Seedstar organisation, I'm able to provide access for you into Central- and Eastern European networks as well.